Building Safety


Building Safety Division

The Building Safety Division is responsible for permitting and inspection of construction projects within the City. The Carmel Municipal Code in Title 15 adopts the codes enumerated in the CA Code of Regulations, Title 24; including the CA Administrative, Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, Energy, and Green Building Standards Codes. The Division:

  • Reviews permit applications and construction documents  to ensure compliance with the requirements of Carmel Municipal Code (CMC) and issues permits for approved projects;
  • Inspects permitted work periodically to verify it is in accordance with the approved plans and code requirements;
  • Issues a Certificate of Occupancy upon completion of permitted projects;
  • Consults with the public on building construction matters;
  • Coordinates with the Carmel Fire Department on enforcement of the CA Fire Code;
  • Coordinates with the Planning Division on review of projects submitted for Design Review, use permit approvals, and business license applications;
  • Coordinates with the Public Works Department on infrastructure projects, encroachment permits, traffic control plans, stormwater management, end environmental protection efforts for construction sites; and
  • Coordinates with the Code Enforcement Division on enforcement actions related to buildings and structures within the City.

Carmel Development Process Update Workshop 2019

The City of Carmel-by-the-Sea is inviting all architects, designers, contractors, and the general public to attend our second annual development information workshop with Planning and Building Department staff. The City looks to provide updates to the departments processes, receive input and feedback from the public, and streamline the submittal processes. This workshop will cover topics such as:

-Review of existing and new Planning & Building documents & forms

-2019 State Building Code Updates


Applications & Informational Handouts
Building Safety Division

The City of Carmel-by-the-Sea has created a consolidated application form for all permits issued under the authority of Carmel Municipal Code, Title 15. Applicants complete the form, marking the appropriate type of work proposed at the top. For one- and two-family residential projects where complete plumbing, electrical, and mechanical plans are submitted at the time of application, the applicant may request multiple permits on the same application.


Building Standards Information & Disability Access Requirements
2018-19 Legislative Changes

Disability Access Requirements – Available in English and six other languages

On Jan. 1, 2019 AB 3002, “Disability Access Requirements: Information” went into effect around the State. The Act requires local jurisdictions to provide information regarding compliance with disability access provisions under federal and state law to applicants for commercial building permits and business licenses. The Carmel Community Planning and Building Dept.


Stop Work Orders and Emergency Permits

Stop Work Order Investigation Fee Implementation

Title 15 of the Carmel Municipal Code requires construction permits (building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and fire codes) for certain work within the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Failure to obtain a required permit PRIOR to beginning work is unfair to the City’s legitimate construction industry; wastes taxpayers dollars; puts building owners in jeopardy; is a violation punishable by law; and will result in a Stop Work Order being issued.


Electronic Inspection Scheduling

How to schedule an inspection online

Inspection requests are now available online at the following link, click here. In order to properly schedule your inspection please follow the correct steps:

Click on the direct link provided above

Search for your permit either through the owners last name, APN, or permit number

Click “Request Inspection” at the far right of the permit screen


How to Apply for a Building Permit

The City of Carmel-by-the-Sea requires a building permit application for any projects that affect: demolition, structural additions or changes, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work. For one- and two-family residential projects where complete plumbing, electrical, and mechanical plans are submitted at the time of application, the applicant may request multiple permits on the same application.


Storm Water Requirements

Dumping any pollutants, including wash water, paint, oil, sediment and trash, into the gutter or the storm drain system is ILLEGAL. Local ordinances limit storm water flows to clean rain water and non-polluted groundwater. Please do your part to protect local waterways!

Take a photo and call (831) 620-2078 and if you witness an illegal discharge.