The City of Carmel-by-the-Sea is a General Law City and operates a Council-City Administrator style of government and derives its power from the California Constitution and laws enacted by the State legislature.  All legislative power is held by the publicly elected, five member City Council which consists of the Mayor and four Councilmembers.  While all Councilmembers enjoy the same powers and privileges, the Mayor has the additional responsibility of presiding over City Council meetings, signing official documents, and officiating at ceremonies and events.


City Council

Alissandra Dramov

The Mayor and four Councilmembers represent the residents of Carmel-by-the-Sea, review public policy, and adopt policies responsive to the community. The City Council meets the first Monday and Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. (with the exception of Holidays) in the Council Chamber of Carmel City Hall located on the east side of Monte Verde Street between Ocean and 7th Avenues.


Boards and Commissions

There are six City Boards and Commissions:

  • Building Code Board of Appeals
  • Community Activities Commission
  • Forest and Beach Commission
  • Historic Resources Board
  • Harrison Memorial Library Board of Trustees
  • Planning Commission

City Boards and Commissions advise and assist the City Council in dealing with specific projects, policies, and issues.


Agenda packets for each City meeting will be published and made available here for public review prior to each meeting. 

Upcoming meetings for the next six months are currently listed on the City’s calendar of events. Agenda packets for regular meetings will be available below, at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting. 

For those using Windows to stream meetings please click here

Click here to watch videos and LIVE meetings on the City’s YouTube channel.

Watching Archived Meetings

  • Find the meeting you would like to watch below. 
  • click the red triangle play button icon to the right of the meeting you would like to watch.
  • An agenda for the meeting will launch.
  • Click the links on the far left of the agenda to watch the section of the meeting of interest. 
  • A video player will launch and the meeting recording will begin playing. 
  • You can also view past meeting videos on YouTube -

For best results, we recommend using an up-to-date web browser. 

Searching for Past Meeting Recordings and Agendas

The last six months of all City meetings appear on this page. To search for a specific meeting: 

  • In the top drop-down box choose a date range for the meeting you are looking for. The default is a 6-month span. 
  • Choose the meeting type. 
  • Click the search button. 
  • Scroll down to review the search results. 

If you change any of the search criteria after an initial search you will need to click the search button again. 

Searching Past Meeting Agendas by Topic - instructions can be found HERE.


Municipal Code

The CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA MUNICIPAL CODE is current through Ordinance 2023-05, and legislation passed through June 6, 2023.

 The City Clerk’s office has the official version of the Carmel-by-the-Sea Municipal Code. Users should contact the City Clerk’s office for ordinances passed subsequent to the ordinance cited above.


Parking and Congested Traffic (PACT) Program

Welcome! To address serious traffic congestion in our business district, the City has established the Parking and Congested Traffic (PACT) program. We invite you to be an active participant in the process. To aid you in being involved, we have curated these pages to include: