Electronic Permit Submittal


How to apply for an e-permit

After several months of development and testing, the Community Planning and Building Department is now offering a paperless electronic permitting process for building permit applications. Through the e-permitting program applicants can now submit their complete building permit application, including forms, plans, calculations, specifications and other construction documents electronically through a portal on the City website. E-permitting allows the applicant to save on duplication costs, transmittal time, and allows for a more detailed review.

In order to fully complete and process the permit the application link must be followed and completed along with the additional steps provided below.

For Building Permit Applications, click here.

  • Complete the application fields completely and to the best of your knowledge. If the application is not complete, it may be rejected and additional information requested.
  • Complete the required supplemental application documents. To access the supplemental documents need for your project, follow the link here.
  • Upload all supplemental documents and plans to the Google Drive link that will be provided when an application is received.

Permit Issuance Process

After the project is deemed complete and is ready to issue, the applicant must print three (3) physical copies of the full plan set and two (2) copies of the supporting calculations and documents. These sets must be stamped and signed by the appropriate designers, architects, or engineers who have worked on this project. Printing the sets at the end of the e-permitting process saves on duplication costs and will provide the city with a record copy and job site copy.

How to schedule an inspection online

Inspection requests are now available online at the following link, click here. In order to properly schedule your inspection please follow the correct steps:

  • Click on the direct link provided above
  • Search for your permit either through the owners last name, APN, or permit number
  • Click “Request Inspection” at the far right of the permit screen
  • Complete the request form completely. Incomplete requests will be rejected.

Following your request, you will receive an email from the building department confirming your inspection appointment.