Historic Resources Board


Historic Resources Board

Historic Resources Board meetings are open to the public. Regular meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 4:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, located on Monte Verde Street between Ocean and Seventh Avenues.

Historic Resources Board Members

  • Jordan Chroman – Term expires 5/2026
  • Esther Goodhue – Term expires 5/2026
  • Erik Dyar – Term expires 5/2027
  • Kathryn Gualtieri – Term expires 5/2028
  • Kathy Pomeroy – Term expires 5/2025

Contact Information

For general questions regarding upcoming projects contact the Planning and Building department at (831) 620-2010.

  • Jordan Chroman – jchroman@cbts.us
  • Esther Goodhue – egoodhue@cbts.us
  • Karyl Hall – khall@cbts.us
  • Kathy Pomeroy – kpomeroy@cbts.us
  • Erik Dyar – edyar@cbts.us 

Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority

The purpose of the board is to carry out the policies of the architectural/cultural/historic (ACH) element of the General Plan and to serve in an advisory capacity to the Planning Commission and City Council. Duties of the board shall be as follows:

  1. Establish the board’s operating procedures;
  2. Develop and maintain an inventory of significant sites, structures, and districts;
  3. Make recommendations to the Planning Commission on sites, structures or districts from the candidate list that are proposed for designation;
  4. Advise and assist property owners with the physical aspects and grant opportunities for preservation, renovation, rehabilitation, and reuse, and on the procedures for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places;
  5. Review requests to alter or modify the exteriors of designated resources and provide advice, at the request of the owners, on the restoration, alteration, decoration, lighting, and landscaping of such resources; and provide advice to the Planning Commission on the proposed changes;
  6. Review requests for demolition and make recommendations to the Planning Commission on demolition stays of designated properties;
  7. Make recommendations to the City Council and the Planning Commission on matters of land use, municipal improvements, public and private funding, promotional mechanisms for historic preservation and other types of planning programs undertaken by any agency of the City, County or State as they relate to the ACH resources of the community;
  8. Inform and educate the citizens of Carmel-by-the-Sea concerning the architectural, cultural and historical heritage of the City by publishing appropriate maps, newsletters, brochures and pamphlets, and by holding programs and seminars;
  9. Make recommendations to the City Council regarding the purchase of properties or easements for purposes of resources preservation;
  10. Review all applications for permits, environmental assessments, environmental impact reports, environmental impact statements, and other similar documents pertaining to ACH resources, or related neighboring property within public view, and forward comments to the Planning Commission with recommendations;
  11. Coordinate with local, County, State and Federal governments in the pursuit of the objectives of preservation;
  12. Undertake any other action or activity necessary or appropriate to the responsible exercise of its powers and duties as to the implementation of this chapter and of the General Plan. Perform any other functions that may be assigned by resolution or motion of the City Council.