Applications, Fees & Informational Handouts
Review Planning Applications and Requirements


Planning Applications

General Planning Application Form, June 2019
Affidavit of Owner Authorization
Appeal Form, January 2020
Banners on Public Property Application Packet, February 2019
Bench Application Packet, December 2014
Driveway Replacement Application, November 2017
Landscaping Commercial Cut-Outs, August 2018
Sidewalk Vending Application, August 2021
Scope of Work Declaration Form, November 2017
Wireless Facility Application Form, August 2023
Wireless Facility Application Checklist – Type I – IV, August 2023
Wireless Facility Application Checklist – Type V, August 2023

Fee Schedule 

See the City’s Finance page for details about the current year Fee Schedule.

Submittal Requirements

Best Management Practices Implementation Tracking
Conditions of Approval Acknowledgement
Mills Act Contract, August 2016
Preliminary Site Assessment, August 2023
Residential Track 1 Major Design Study, March 2022
Residential Track 2 Design Study, April 2023
Revisions to Planning Approval
Signs, August 2016
Site Coverage Example Table, April, 2024
Subdivision and Lot Line Adjustments, August 2016
Use Permit, August 2016
Variance, August 2016
Volume Worksheet, March 2022

Informational Handouts

Accessory Dwelling Unit Handbook, July 2022
Accessory Dwelling Unit State Legislature, December 2023
Affordable Housing Income Limits, May 2022
Artificial Turf Permitting Standards, December 2017
Base Floor Area and Site Coverage, February 2024
Bonus Basement Floor Area, August 2016
Exemptions from Design Study, November 2017
Fences and Walls
Guesthouses, October 2018
Nonconforming Buildings and Uses, August 2016
Residential Design Study Flowchart
Residential Lighting Requirements, August 2016
Residential Re-roofs, September 2020
Roof Replacements
Right-of-Way Vision Statement
Setback and Height Limits, August 2016
Transient Rentals in the Commercial District, June 2019
Windows and Skylights, August 2016

Planning Policies

Banners on Public Property Policy (2013)
Bench Dedication Policy (2005)
Holiday Lights Policy (2012)
Reasonable Accommodation Policy (2011)
Story Pole Policy (2017)
Wine Tasting Policy (2016)
Mills Act Policy (2016); CMC 17.32.100.B