Zoning Code Updates


In January 2018, the City Council authorized staff to initiate an update to the Zoning Code. 

Notice of Public Meeting

Residential Zoning Code Workshop - 12/18/18
The residential subcommittee will meet to discuss potential zoning code amendments. Local architects and designers have been invited to attend. The community is also encouraged to attend and provide input.
PowerPoint Presentation 12/18/18

Residential Zoning Code Workshop - 6/27/19
The residential subcommittee will meet to continue the discussion of potential zoning code amendments. All interested persons are encouraged to attend.
PowerPoint Presentation 6/27/19

Downtown Conservation District

A survey of properties within the Downtown Conservation District was completed in order to identify the location and basic characteristics of historic properties within the District. This information will provide context for potential amendments to the Downtown Conservation District.

Downtown Conservation District Survey , February 2019