Local Coastal Program
How the Beach Area is Managed


The California Coastal Commission has jurisdiction over land use projects within one-mile of the Ocean. However, the Coastal Commission will transfer most permitting authority to local jurisdictions if they obtain a certified Local Coastal Program.

Carmel-By-The-Sea’s Local Coastal Program (LCP) was certified by the Coastal Commission in 2004. The LCP includes the following General Plan Elements: Land Use and Community Character, Circulation, Coastal Access and Recreation, and Coastal Resource ManagementCarmel Municipal Code Chapter 17 (Implementation Plan); and, the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance Appendices listed below.

Appendix A:  Shoreline Management Plan (Chps 1-3)
Appendix B:  Shoreline Management Plan (Chps 4-8)
Appendix C:  Residential Design Guidelines – Concept Review
Appendix D: Residential Design Guidelines - Final Review
Appendix E:  Commercial Design Guidelines
Appendix F:  Public Way Design Guidelines
Appendix G:  Archaeological Resource Management Reports (ARMR)
Appendix H:  Storm Water Standards and Programs
Appendix I:  Secretary of the Interior’s Standards