Local Coastal Program


The California Coastal Commission has jurisdiction over land use projects within one mile of the Ocean. However, the Commission will transfer most permitting authority to local jurisdictions if they obtain a certified Local Coastal Program (LCP). Carmel had its LCP certified by the Coastal Commission in 2004. The LCP consists of the Land Use, Circulation, Coastal Access and Recreation, and Coastal Resource Management elements of the General Plan, the Zoning Ordinance(Implementation Plan), and the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance Appendices (see below).

Appendix A:  Shoreline Management Plan (Chps 1-3)
:  Shoreline Management Plan (Chps 4-8)
Appendix B:  Significant Tree Evaluation Work Sheet
Appendix C:  Residential Design Guidelines – Concept Review
Appendix D:  Residential Design Guidelines - Final Review
Appendix E:  Commercial Design Guidelines
Appendix F:  Public Way Design Guidelines
Appendix G:  Archaeological Resource Management Reports (ARMR)
Appendix H:  Storm Water Standards and Programs
Appendix I:  Secretary of the Interior’s Standards