Wireless Ordinance Update – First Draft Available


On March 15th at 4:00pm, the Planning Commission will hold a Special Meeting/Workshop on the first draft of the City’s revised Wireless Ordinance package. The meeting will be held in person at City Hall and virtually via Zoom.

The complete draft Wireless Ordinance package for the March 15th meeting can be found below. For your convenience, we have created a short “Reader’s Guide” that you are encouraged to start with. 

The City wants you to GET INVOLVED, and share your thoughts on these first draft documents. Following this workshop, and based on feedback received from the community, the City will make necessary edits and then return to the Planning Commission for a recommendation to the City Council. The City Council will then have at least two hearings to adopt the ordinance. In other words, these are not final drafts.

The meeting agenda, which includes how to join via zoom will be posted prior to the workshop. 

1 - Reader's Guide (START HERE)
2 -Draft Ordinance Amending Zoning Code Chapter 17.46 (March 2023 Workshop)
3 -Draft Wireless Application Form (March 2023 Workshop)
4 - Draft Wireless Application Checklist for Type I through IV Facilities (March 2023 Workshop)
5 - Draft Wireless Application Checklist for Type V Facilities (March 2023 Workshop)
6 - Draft Detailed Wireless Facility Design Guidelines (March 2023 Workshop)
​7 - Draft Required Standard Conditions of Approval for Wireless Facilities (MARCH 2023 Workshop)