Fire Code Construction and Operational Permits
Resources and forms related to permits prescribed in the CA Fire Code


Fire Code Construction Permits

The CA Fire Code (CFC) as adopted by the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea requires fire code operational permits for certain operations and processes that pose a fire and/or life safety hazard as described in CFC Section 105.6. Applications for fire code operational permits are submitted to the Building Official through the Community Planning and Building Department, Building Safety Division. Upon approval, Operational  Permits are valid until revoked or the operation/process no longer exists. The following operations and processes are subject to Fire Code Operational Permits:

  • Carbon dioxide systems used in beverage dispensing applications where more than 100 pounds of carbon dioxide are present.
  • The storage, use or handling of hazardous compressed gasses in excess of amounts provided in CFC Table 105.6.9. Hazardous gasses include corrosives, flammable and combustibles, highly toxic, inert and simple asphyxiants, oxidizers (including oxygen), pyrophorics, and toxic gasses.
  • The production, storage, transportation on site, use, handling, or dispensing of cryogenic fluids in excess of the amounts provided in CFC Table 105.6.11. Cryogenic fluids include those that are flammable, inert, oxidizing, or present a physical or health hazard.
  • Cutting and welding operations.
  • Dry cleaning operations.
  • Storage, handling, dispensing and use of flammable and combustible liquids in excess of regulatory quantities specified in the CFC.
  • Fumigation and insecticidal fogging
  • Storage, handling, dispensing and use of hazardous materials and hazardous production materials.
  • Hot work operations
  • Repair garages and motor fuel dispensing facilities
  • Places of assembly
  • Temporary membrane structures and tents
  • Pyrotechnics and special effects

Fire System Permit Application
SOG 17-05 Residential Fire Sprinkler Retrofit
SOG 17-11 Determining Residential Fire Sprinkler Retrofit Requirements