Tree Evaluation, Removal & Pruning Permits




  • You can now apply for a Tree Evaluation ($195) for up to 5 trees on your private property instead of paying the entire fee of a Pruning Permit ($255) or Removal Permit ($665).
  • If the Evaluation results show tree(s) need to be pruned or removed, you only pay the difference between the Evaluation fee and the corresponding permit you need (i.e. your $195 payment is automatically applied toward the cost of the Pruning or Removal permit).
  • We condensed all 3 options into a single form (found in link below).
  • Due to the significant increase in volume of applications, turnaround times for non-emergencies is 6 weeks. 


Tree Evaluation, Pruning or Removal Permit Application 

Licensed Tree Service Companies (The tree company performing the work must be licensed to do work in the City)


Tree Removal and Pruning Permits are required for:

  • Pruning of limbs over 4 inches in diameter 
  • Removal of oak, pine, cypress and redwood trees over 6 inches in diameter measured at 4.5 feet above ground level (diameter at breast height – DBH), including dead trees. 
  • Removal of other tree species (not oak, pine, cypress or redwood) over 10 inches DBH, including dead trees. 
  • Removal of trees over 2 inches DBH on vacant lots and properties with an active building permit. 
  • (Note: Work on City-owned trees must be done by the City or its contractors)


Forest & Beach Commission Appeal Form

Tree Pruning Standards

Tree Species List for Replacement Trees

Affidavit of Owner Authorization


Submit paper copies to:

Public Works Department
Junipero 2 Northeast of 5th
P.O. Box CC
Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921
Tel: (831) 620-2070


OR fill out:

Online Tree Permit Application*

*Note: We are currently revising the online application to match the new paper form. If submitting a Tree Evaluation request using the online application, be sure to mention it is for an Evaluation so the proper fee is applied.