Storm clean-up begins.
If you sustained damage please participate in the Monterey County OES survey



State and local teams have begun and continue to conduct damage assessments in areas of the county impacted by flooding. Still, the Monterey County Department of Emergency Management has created an additional online survey to be sure all damage information is captured.

If your home was impacted by the 2023 Winter Storm Atmospheric Event, please use this personal Damage Assessment Survey to tell the County what type of damage your property experienced to submit to FEMA. There is no guarantee that FEMA funding will come available, but we need your reports to try and receive funding. 

Please note, this is not an application for FEMA Individual Assistance. Monterey County only need an estimate of damages and cost to provide FEMA a picture of the damages countywide. Should assistance become available, Monterey County will work to provide additional information at that time.

Monterey County appreciates your assistance with these efforts.