The City of Carmel-by-the-Sea is home to parks offering lush green belts, walking paths, play structures, and sports courts. It has nine formally designated park, open space, and recreational areas. 

Carmelita Park   

This is a mini park located at Dolores Avenue and 5th Street across from the Post Office.   The park has benches, but no public restrooms. 

Devendorf Park 

This is the crown jewel of Carmel-by-the-Sea, located at Junipero and Ocean Avenue, it is an inviting place to sit and have lunch or take a nap on the lush green grass.  Public Restrooms and a water fountain are here for your convenience.  No dogs are allowed in the park.    

1st Murphy Park

The 1st Murphy house was built in 1902 by 17 year old Michael Murphy.  The house is located on the corner of Lincoln and 6th Avenues and is owned by the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea and maintained by the Carmel Heritage Society.   Public restooms are located on the south side of the grounds and a spectacular view of Carmel Bay can be seen from the viewing deck above the restrooms.   

Forest Hill Park 

The Park is located at Camino Del Monte and Junipero Avenues.  It is a favorite place for parents to take their children to play on the playground equipment.  Next to the children’s playground are restrooms, a basketball court, a horseshoe pit and picnic tables. 

Tennis/Pickle ball courts are located at the north end of the park at Camino Del Monte and Lorca Lane.  No restrooms are at this area.  

Forest Theater Park

This area is located on Mountain View Avenue and Santa Rita Street.  The Historic Theater is located in the middle of the small park.  You will find free parking, public restrooms and outdoor seating in the amphitheater.  

Lester Rowntree Native Plant Garden 

The Lester Rowntree Native Plant Garden is just over an acre and is located inside the Mission Trail Nature Preserve with an entrance on Hatton Road.   The park has many native plants, shrubs and trees.  No restrooms are available. 

Mary Austin Park 

In 1992 the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea dedicated this mini park in recognition of the author Mary Austin.  The park is located at Monte Verde Street and 4th Avenue and has a bench for relaxing.   No restrooms. 

Mission Trail Nature Preserve 

Mission Trail Nature Preserve is the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea’s largest open space/park, created in 1972 when the City purchased the Flanders property, including the Mansion, which is closed to the public.    The park was originally named the Mission Trail Park but was later renamed Mission Trail Nature Preserve.  Withing the park it features approximately five miles of trails.  The trails are: Flanders, Doolittle, Willow, Mesa and Serra Trails.   You can access the park from Hatton Road, Rio Road or Mountain View Avenue.   It is a great place to observe riparian habitat, native trees, plants and many varieties of birds.   Dogs are allowed in the park under voice command control.  Bags are available for picking up after your pet.  Please deposit the bags in the trash can.  There are no restrooms at this location and bicycles are not allowed.     

Picadilly Park 

The park is nestled in the middle of the block located on Dolores Street between Ocean and 7th Avenues.   It has a beautiful fountain and plenty of benches to enjoy lunch and escape a busy day.  Public restrooms are available at this location. 

Vista Lobos Park 

This is a small park with a picnic table and barbeque area, is located on the corner of Torres Street and 3rd Avenue, next to the road and public parking area.  No restrooms are available.