Novels Set in Carmel


Austin, Mary. Isidro (1905)
Cabot, Meg. Haunted (2003) and Twilight (2005)
Chamberlain, Barbara. A Slice of Carmel (2011), Slash and Turn (2012)
Clark, Mary Higgins. Weep No More My Lady (1987)
Clark, Walter Van Tilburg. The City of Trembling Leaves (1945)
Comstock, Tim. Reunion in Carmel (2010)
Connell, Evan S. Notes From a Bottle Found at a Beach at Carmel (1963)
Day, Dianne. Bohemian Murders (1997) and other mystery novels
Delinsky, Barbara. Coast Road (1998)
Elkins, Charlotte. A Wicked Slice (1989)
Evans, John. Shadows Flying (1936)
Flinn, Elaine. Tagged for Murder (2004) and other mystery novels
Fullerton, Claire.  A Portal in Time (2013)
Gilligan, Roy. Stab in the Bach (1996) and other mystery novels
Gualtieri, Kathryn. Murder in the Pines (2011), and sequels
Jacobs, Nancy Baker. Star Struck (2002)
Kaminsky, Stuart. The Melting Clock (1991)
Kennealy, Jerry. Polo in the Rough (1989)
Koonts, Dean.  The Watchers (1987)
Kuhns, Christine A. The Adventures of Sage & the Subway Crew Voyage to Carmel (children’s book) (1990)
Levy, Marc. If Only it Were True (2000)
Littlepage, Layne. Murder-by–the-Sea (1987)
London, Jack. Valley of the Moon (1913)

Mahoney, Bill. Christmas in Carmel (2001)
Mohler, Charles. The Hill (1970) and Love is for Pros (2000)
Moore, Brian. Cold Heaven (1983) and The Great Victorian Collection (1975)
Morris, Julie Finigan. Exit Strategy (2017)
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. Cat in the Dark (1999) and other cat mysteries
Nash, Anne. Death by Design (1944); Cabbages and Crime (1945); Unhappy
Norris, Kathleen. Passion Flower (1930)
O’Brien, Meg. Sacred Trust (2000
O’Shaughnessy, Perri. Show No Fear (2008) and other mystery novels
Overton, Theodora. Loose Diamonds (2001)
Paul, Diana. Things Unsaid (2015)
Pearson, Ridley. Probable Cause (1990)
Pronzini, Bill. Undercurrents (1973)
Rendell, Ruth. Death Notes (1981)
Rocky Point Murders (anthology) (2000)
Steel, Danielle. Summer’s End (1986)
Steinhower, Olen. All the Old Knives (2015)
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Treasure Island (1884)
Stone, Katherine. The Other Twin (2003)
Tomblin, Marilou. The Carmelo Diaries (2003)
Tyler, Lee. Case of the Missing Links (1999)
Whitney, Phyllis. The Flaming Tree (1985)
Williams, Mona. This House is Burning (1978)

(updated May 2017)