Mutt Mitt Sponsorship Program


Due to revenue shortfalls resulting from the Covid-19 Pandemic, we recently removed 12 Mutt Mitt (dog waste) dispensers from all over the Village, and 22 dispensers remain, predominantly along Scenic Road and in the Mission Trail Nature Preserve. We are now ready to accept private donations to supply Mutt Mitt dispensers for a year.

For a business to sponsor any dispenser, the cost is $750, or if an individual or family would like to partially fund a remaining dispenser, the fee is $200. Once approved, the business or individual will be allowed to post their logo or name on their selected dispensers. Four of the 34 dispensers have been funded to date – there are plenty more to select from. See below for more information, including a list of dispenser locations and application form:  

Mutt Mitt Dispenser Sponsorship Information, Locations, and Application Form