Wired for Reward: How teenage brains are vulnerable to addiction, and simple strategies to promote health
Carmel Performing Art Center at Carmel High School 

Library Event

Meet Darryl “Flea” Virostko, legendary world class surfer, who rode the big wave to surfer stardom, fell into addiction and then rose again to help others overcome.

It’s important to be able to recognize addictive behaviors— and it’s never too early to start speaking with your child about it! Join our distinguished panel of experts to learn how to help your teen discover practical strategies that can give them the critical thinking tools they need to make healthy choices. Q&A to follow the program.

Carmel Unified School District and the Carmel Public Library Foundation have developed a partnership over the years to offer community programs and resources relevant to parenting and educating children and teenagers.  “Wired for Reward…” is part of this Parent & Teacher Lecture series.   

At 6:30pm, a panel of experts will gather at Carmel High School for a discussion  to help parents navigate issues regarding addiction and strategies they can employ to promote health.

Carmel Performing Art Center at Carmel High School 
3600 Ocean Ave, at the intersection of Highway 1 & Ocean Ave in Carmel