The Life & Times of Hayes Perkins

Library Event

Presenter: David Laws, California Garden & Landscape History Society
Hosted by the Carmel Residents Association

Presentation begins at 2pm.
Meeting opens at 1:30pm.

David will tell the amazing world-class story of the man who, after traveling the world, came to PG and spent 14 years fulfilling his dream of creating the beautiful “Magic Carpet” cliffside garden of spectacular purple flowers. If you’ve always wondered how all that color ended up along that cliffside path you really need to hear this talk!

To join the Zoom Meeting:

If listening on the phone: (669) 900-9128 

Meeting ID: 869 7683 7227 

If you haven’t used Zoom before it will download a small file to prepare your computer. It would be a good idea for you to arrive to the meeting early so we can work out any issues you might have and not interrupt the meeting. We will have the meeting open about 1:30 if you want to come in and chat with early arrivals.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!