Juneteenth: “We the People”

Library Event

PBS Books is pleased to present a special commemoration virtual event, “Juneteenth: We the People,” produced by the BLK Freedom Collective. It celebrates the emancipation of the enslaved people of Texas in 1865 and the liberty and victory of African American communities nationwide ever since.

Watch this free virtual program on Facebook Live or join us here:

This is the third year that PBS Books has partnered on this Juneteenth event, and the 2021 program received strong support from PBS affiliates around the nation. This collaborative program explores the meaning and relevance of “freedom,” “justice” and “democracy.”

The theme for this year’s film is, “We the People,” – taken from the opening words of the preamble to the Constitution – recounts how generations of Black Americans have preserved, innovated, cultivated, created, pioneered, strived and championed the true principles of freedom so that a new generation remembers, echoes and celebrates their ancestors’ accomplishments while remaining vigilant on not only issues of inclusion, diversity and equity, but also justice as promised in the Constitution. 

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