Frequently Asked Questions
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How are the new planting spots chosen?

We live by the mantra of Right Tree, Right Place.  When the spots were chosen, the following were considered:  blockage of a view, overhead lines, parking spaces, the proximity of other trees, neighborhood character, and existing landscaping.

What kind of trees are going to be planted? 

The traditional feel of pines, cypress and oak will be retained, however the City is going to mix it up a little.  Along with our traditional trees, new species of trees will be tested out.  Some of the new trees could be:  cork oaks, western redbuds, giant redwoods, and Torrey pines.

How big will the trees be when they are planted? 

The trees will be in 15 gallon containers or 24 inch boxes.  The trees will be large enough that they will be noticeable.  These sizes will help them not get hit by cars or suffer vandalism.

When will the trees be planted? 

The City’s goal is to have at least 25 new trees planted before the end of the year.

Can I pick out what tree will be planted?

The City will work with you.  Please send an email to: We can help you faster if you include the Tree ID number from the planting notification sign.

Who is going to water the tree?

The City will water the trees until they are established, about 2 to 3 years. If you would like to water the tree let us know by sending a message to

I think there is something wrong with the new tree.

Contact us at:  

Can I help take care of the tree?

Yes!  It would be a big help if you would water the tree and keep it mulches. send us a message letting us know you will steward the tree to:   

I want a new tree!

Great!  Let us know and we will add your planting spot to the list for 2023’s planting project.  Send an email with a detailed location of where you would like to see a new tree to   Pictures and maps are a big help. Remember new trees are only for the public right of way.

I live in the Old Mission Tract…

The character of the Old Mission Tract doesn’t include the tree canopy of the rest of Carmel-by-the-Sea.  The City is not targeting planting new trees in this neighborhood.

I don’t want a tree planted there!

That’s ok.  The City will work with you to move the planting spot.  Please understand, that we are planting a forest for the future of the City. Contact the Forestry team at or 831-620-2071 to schedule a time to meet at the proposed planting spot.