Local History Lecture Series

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Check out these lectures and more at the Harrison Memorial Library.

“Fight for Point Lobos”

Kevin Shabram, February 7, 2018.

 Local History Lecture Series

During the 1920s, people who loved Point Lobos began to worry about its future. They feared the Point would be forever lost to development. These fears were not unfounded. This set up a ten year battle to acquire and preserve Point Lobos for the generations to come. Many well-known conservationists became involved in this project. But this is also the story of one woman who had been all but forgotten. Yet the impact of her work on the Reserve we know today cannot be understated.

“Chasing Water: The Carmel River”

Ben Heinrich, October 11, 2017

Local History Lecture Series

Longtime local avid historian, Ben Heinrich has been fascinated with the Carmel River and how it impacted this region. Join Ben as he takes us through historic events, from the Esselen Indians, to the Spanish Discoveries and the more recent influence of Charles Crocker and S.F.B. Morse. “Chasing Water” looks at the Rio Carmelo, who controlled it and how it shaped the Monterey Peninsula.

“Tales of Some Carmel Characters of Long Ago”

Doug Smith, February 1, 2017

Local History Lecture Series

Join former City Administrator and avid local history researcher Doug Schmitz for some tales of Carmel-by-the-Sea, in City Hall and outside the walls!

“Henry Miller: Writer, Artist & Cultural Heart of Big Sur”

Magnus Toren, April 30, 2013

Local History Lecture Series

Join Magnus Toren, Executive Director of the Henry Miller Memorial Library, for a talk on the history of the arts center championing the late writer, artist and Big Sur resident Henry Miller (1891-1980).

The Story of the Carmel River”

Ray March, May 7, 2012

Local History Lecture Series


“In Search of Point Lobos”

Kevin Shabram, February 1, 2017

Local History Lecture Series

“Carmel in 1934″

Richard Criley, June 1, 1998

Local History Lecture Series

“Carmel’s Early Journalism: W. K. Bassett & the Carmel Cymbal”

John McCleary Bassett, February 24, 1997

Local History Lecture Series

“Enduring Vision: The Carmel Art Association Celebrates 70 Years”

Harleigh Knott and Bill Stone, April 28, 1997

Local History Lecture Series

“‘Themes in My Poems’ by Robinson Jeffers”

Cecil Wahle, March 31, 1997

Local History Lecture Series