Zip Books


Zip Books
Get books, audiobooks and DVDs delivered to your home

What qualifies for Zip Books?

  • Books, audiobooks (including Playaways) and DVDs.*
  • Books must cost less than $50.00 through Amazon, $75 for audiobooks or Playaways, or $30 for DVDs.
  • Material not currently owned by the library.
  • Materials must be currently released and a new copy must be available for purchase on Amazon.
  • Requests are approved in accordance with the Collection Development Policy.

* The Library is using its own funds to purchase Zip Books at this time.

How do I request a Zip Book?

  • Complete the Zip Books request form. 
  • Library staff will review the request and send you an email update within 8 business days.
  • If your Zip Books request is approved, you’ll receive a package containing your requested item.
  • You may request up to 2 Zip Books per month.​
  • You must have a current Harrison Memorial Library card in good standing.

How do I return a Zip Book?

  • Return the item to the circulation desk.
  • Or return the Zip Books in one of our book drops, with a note stating your name and the words “Zip Book”