5 Ways to Use Your Library While Sheltering in Place

Five ways to use your library from home.

Now that we know we will be continuing to shelter in place for several more weeks, your friendly Carmel Public Library staff wants to share some ideas to help you stay entertained and mentally stimulated.  All you need is access to the internet and a free library card.

Don’t have a card yet?  No problem!  Fill out an application online.

1) Read an eBook 

  • OverDrive: Looking for popular authors and the latest bestsellers?  Start with OverDrive, which is compatible with all major devices, including Kindles. Just a friendly tip, return your ebooks when you are done with them, so the next reader can use them.
  • Hoopla: Is your favorite author all checked out on OverDrive?  Head on over to Hoopla for more bestsellers.  Hoopla also includes an outstanding selection of children’s titles. 
  • TumbleBooks: Keep even the little kids reading with this collection of picture books, many of which include audio narration.
  • Enki: Are your tastes more off the beaten path?  Take a look at Enki for a wide variety of small press and independent publishers. 

2) Listen to an Audiobook 

  • OverDrive: Want to read with your ears as you exercise, cook, garden or go about your work? Overdrive has a great collection of popular books and bestsellers for your listening pleasure.  
  • Hoopla: Are your favorite audiobooks all checked out on OverDrive?  Try Hoopla for more bestsellers.  Hoopla also includes an outstanding selection of children’s titles. 

3) Stream Movies 

  • Hoopla: You may notice a resemblance to a certain major streaming service when you browse through Hoopla’s movies. The difference is: this service is free with your library card! 
  • Kanopy: If your tastes run more toward foreign films, indie flicks, or documentaries, Kanopy has got you covered.  Also includes access to the Great Courses; now is the perfect time to study up on your area of passion!  

4) Learn a Language 

  • Mango Languages: Your travel abroad may have been postponed, but now is the perfect time to keep practicing and get fluent before you finally take that trip you had been saving for.  Choose from 70 languages.  Where will your next trip take you? 

5) Get Help with Schoolwork

  • HelpNow: Do you quake in fear when your children ask you questions about trigonometry or the Civil War or grammar? Let your child ask a live professional tutor their questions directly. The service is available from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM every day.
  • And find lots more Student Resources here.

But, wait, there’s more!

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Your friendly staff at Carmel Public Library.