Surprise Bags


Friday Surprise Bags

Friday surprise bags! Are you a kid? Love books and surprises! Miss browsing in the library? Get a Surprise Bag!

Friday Surprise Bag are special bags full of special books picked especially for you by our librarians!

How do I get a Surprise Bag?

Each week, fill out the Surprise Bag form and let us know what you are in the mood for this week. 

Can I get more than one Surprise Bag?

We are testing this out, so we’re currently limiting it to one Surprise Bag per library card holder per week. If we’re able to raise the limit in the future, we’ll let you know!

How do I make changes?

If you want to cancel your Surprise Bag signup, change what kind of materials you’re getting, or make any other changes, you can get in touch with the library. Call us at 821-624-4629, email us at, or text us at

Are there Surprise Bags for adults?

Not quite yet, but stay tuned. 

What if I miss my pickup?

Let the library know! Call us at 821-624-4629, email us at, or text us at, and we’ll help you pick it up another day.

What if I get something I don’t want?

You can put it right in the book drop.