Public Computer Access Policy


The Harrison Memorial Library, in its role as a public provider of information and lifelong learning, makes available a variety of electronic resources, including Internet access. The Internet is a global electronic network that provides a gateway to information of great diversity. Not all Internet sources provide accurate or current information and some may be objectionable to some users. The library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed over the Internet and is not responsible for its content. Users are responsible for the choice of sites that they visit.

The Harrison Memorial Library supports the democratic principle of the citizen’s right to free access to information. The library endorses the Library Bill of Rights, including “Access to Digital Information, Services, and Networks,” as adopted by the American Library Association.

As with all library materials, parents or legal guardians are responsible for their child’s use of the Internet.

All users of the library’s electronic resources must comply with United States Copyright Law and all other applicable laws. The user may not use the library’s electronic resources for any illegal activity or place any material on the Internet related to any illegal activity.

User Responsibilities:

  • Users of the Library’s electronic resources are expected to follow all guidelines and procedures.
  • Users are not permitted to install, delete or modify library hardware or software.
  • Patrons may bring USB flash drives to store their files, or flash drives may be purchased at the library.Devices must be labeled with the patron’s name.If a flash drive is found, staff will put it in our lost and found for 7 days.To claim it the patron must identify the flash drive by their name, or, if the flash drive is not labeled, it must be identified by description, location and date lost. Unclaimed flash drives will be wiped of all data and discarded after 7 days.
  • The library does not provide access to file transfer protocol (ftp).
  • The user may not use the internet for any illegal activity or place any material on the internet related to an illegal activity.

Misuse of the library’s electronic resources or failure to follow the library’s internet policy and guidelines will result in the loss of computer and library use privileges.

(Revised July 2016.)