Loan Policy for Library Art & Items of Historic Interest


In keeping with the Harrison Memorial Library’s goals of collecting, preserving, and providing public access to art or items of historical interest, the Library will consider short-term loans of its art and items of historical interest. Any request to borrow Library-held art or items of historical interest will be reviewed by Library staff following the procedures and criteria listed below. The loan request will then be submitted to the Harrison Memorial Library Board of Trustees for consideration at a Library Board of Trustees Meeting. If the request to borrow is for Library-held art it will need to then go to City Council for final approval.

Loan Procedure

Any group or agency wishing to borrow Library-held art or items of historical interest must submit to the Library Director/Local History Librarian, prior to the proposed exhibit, the Library’s “Request to Borrow City of Carmel-by-the-Sea Art or Items of Historic Interest” form.

Loan Criteria

Each loan request will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Condition of requested object: Objects requested for loan must be physically capable of withstanding packing, travel, extra handling, and climate change. Any objects not up to this standard will not be approved for loan.
  2. Type of group requesting the loan: The Library does not loan materials to private individuals or private exhibits.
  3. Loan period: The Library will consider short-term loans, not to exceed 120 days.
  4. Exhibit site: Evaluation of the exhibit site will include the following:
    • Environmental factors:
      • The environmental conditions at the proposed exhibit site must equal the environmental conditions under which the art or artifact is currently held at the library.
      • Any art or artifact currently held in the Local History Department’s vault, which is climate controlled, must be exhibited in a similar environment. If the proposed exhibit period is less than 30 days, the Library Board may consider a loan of vault items to a non-climate controlled site.
    • Display methods:
      • Techniques used for art and artifact display and hanging must meet current museum and library standards.
      • No object may be altered, cleaned, repaired or fumigated without written permission of the Local History Librarian, nor may framing, matting, mounting, or glazing be changed without written permission; nor may objects be examined by scientific methods without written permission.
  5. Security
    • Objects must be maintained in a fireproof building under 24-hour physical and/or electronic security and protected from unusual temperatures and humidity.
    • Library staff may require that the submitted Request to Borrow Harrison Memorial Library Art or Historical Artifacts form be reviewed by the Carmel-by-the-Sea Police Department for security recommendations prior to consideration by the Harrison Memorial Library Board of Trustees.
  6. Appraised Value
    • To be considered for loan, Library art or historical artifacts should have a recorded, appraised value. The appraisal on record should be current (completed within the last five years).
    • If a current appraisal is not available for the requested items, Library staff will schedule an appraisal using the City’s list of approved individuals. The group or agency requesting the loan will be charged the appraisal fee. This fee must be paid before the loan is complete.
    • The borrower will carry an all risk “Wall to Wall” insurance policy covering the item at its current appraised value for the duration of the loan period. Proof of insurance in the form of a Certificate of Insurance must be received by the Harrison Memorial Library Board of Trustees before the loan can be finalized.
  7. Moving Loaned Items
    • Items to be loaned must be moved from the Library and returned to the Library, by a professional, licensed, bonded and insured moving company, or others as approved by the City’s Risk Manager.
    • All packing and transportation arrangements will be made by the borrower and must be approved by the Local History Librarian.
    • Each work of art or historical artifact must have protective packaging prior to transport. The item must be returned to the Library in the same quality of protective packaging in which it was borrowed. The following costs will be borne by the borrower:
      • If packed commercially, the vendor’s charges for material and labor.
      • If packed in-house, the cost of material and additional personnel as needed.

Reproduction, Documentation & Credit

Each object shall be labeled and credited to the Harrison Memorial Library, Carmel, CA. Unless advised by the Library in writing, no reproduction of loaned items is permitted except the creation of photographic copies for catalog and publicity uses related to the stated purpose of the loan. The Library will be furnished with copies of any publication, catalog, or other documentation generated through use of loaned materials.

(Adopted by Harrison Memorial Library Board of Trustees, 23 August 2000. Reconfirmed by Board September 2004. Revised January 2014; January 2018.)