Music in the Library
Join us for a very special performance by THREE internationally renowned performers — cellists Evgeny Tonkha and Boris Andrianov, and guitarist Dimitri Illarionov!

Library Event

The trio will be performing under the rubric of “Musical Expedition,” a project which “transforms the traditional concert halls into inspirational, sea-cliffs, redwood groves, libraries, wineries.”

“Our mission,” the performers note, “is to foster exploration of novel and unexpected locales, cultivating memories that resonate as the epitome of beauty within your heart.”

About the performers

Evgeny Tonkha was born in 1981 into a musical family and studied at the Gnessin Music School and graduated from the Russian Academy of Music. Since the age of 10, he has toured Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and the USA. Among his achievements are the 1st Prize and the Golden Medal at the 12th International Cello Competition in the Czech Republic, the Special Jury Prize at the 13th International Tchaikovsky Competition, and prizes for the best performance of contemporary music.

Boris Andrianov was born in Moscow in 1976. He studied at the Gnessin Moscow Special School of Music and Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He was the winner of Antonio Janigro International Cello Competition in Zagreb as well as competitions in Johannesburg, Paris and South Korea. He was also a prize-winner at the 11th International Tchaikovsky Competition. Since 2009 Boris Andrianov has been teaching at the Moscow Conservatory.

Dimitri Illarionov is a classical guitarist. He is a multi-award winner of more than 20 international competitions in the U.S., Spain, Italy, Poland and other countries. He is winner of two of the most prestigious guitar competitions in the world: Guitar Foundation of America Competition (2002, Miami, USA) and Francisco Tárrega Guitar Competition (2008, Spain).