Dungeons and Dragons for Teens
Gathering Place/Harrison Memorial Library

Library Event

Welcome to Tarragonia, a world rife with magic, monsters, and mayhem! In this Fifth Edition D&D Adventure, you and your party members will need to escape the super-max prison known as Irongate Keep, evading guards, battling other inmates, and making your way through the labyrinthine dungeon to freedom!

You may make some friends along the way, and there may even be a few surprises in store as well.

This Adventure is accessible to players of all experience levels, from your lowly Level 1 Commoner to your hardened Level 20 Veteran. Even if you’ve never played D&D before, our seasoned Dungeon Master Adam will help teach and guide you through the game so you can relax and focus on just having fun!

Join us at the gaming table and get ready to roll (dice,that is)!

Adam is the founder of Tabletop Now and NYC-based Professional Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Dragons Editions 5e. He has been playing DnD for over a decade, and has DM’ed over 200 games since 2014 in all sorts of settings: fantasy, sci-fi, superhero, and yes: even Pokemon.  Adam will be zooming in from NYC to lead our adventure.

Space is limited so please email teen librarian Ms. Sierra at seng@ci.carmel.ca.us to reserve your spot.

For teens in grades 6th-12th.