Parking Stall Permits


Parking stalls are available for exclusive use when having an event at your private business or property.   

  • Stalls are rented at $100 per stall per day and are rented at $200 per stall per day during Car Week, PGA golf events and the last two weeks in December.   
  • Parking stalls cannot be reserved on Tuesday or Thursday of Car Week.  Parking stalls may not be used for the purpose of offering test drives per Carmel Municipal Code 10.32.080C. 
  • Stalls to be used for valet services used for private events require a 2-stall minimum and are rented at $200 per stall per day.  The valet service provider must have a City of Carmel-by-the-Sea business license.
  • A encroachment permit is required if any item is placed in the public right-of-way such as carpets, bollards, or tents. Additional charges will be incurred if an encroachment permit is required. 
  • Liability insurance is required.