Design Review/Study Applications Under Review
Projects reviewed and approved by the Director


Project plans for Residential and Commercial Track One Major Design Review/Study applications currently under review by Planning staff are posted below for viewing by interested members of the public.

Track One Major is a staff-level discretionary review for projects that do not require a Coastal Development Permit and are exempt from public hearing requirements.  Staff reviews projects for compliance with all applicable zoning regulations and standards and for compliance with residential or commercial design guidelines. Track One Major projects are generally projects which include additions of less than 10% of existing floor area, as well as additional site modifications associated with the project.

Projects approved by Planning staff may be appealed to the Planning Commission by filing an Appeal of Administrative Decision within 10 calendar days of the action being taken (CMC 17.54, Appeals). Approved project are listed on the Approvals and Determinations page for the duration of the project’s appeal period.

Project Plans

DS 19-482 (Leatherberry) - 26162 Ladera Dr
DS 19-489 (Nelson) - Guadalupe 4 SW 2nd
DS 19-403 (Lathrop) - Dolores 3 NW Santa Lucia
LD 20-012 (Oceanview Ventures) - 26174 Dolores