Recycling & Waste Disposal

The City contracts with a private hauler, Green Waste Recovery, through an exclusive franchise agreement, to provide residents and commercial businesses with trash, recycling and yard waste services.  Side yard or rear yard service is included within the weekly collection for single-family residents. This means that the hauler, on the day of collection service, will collect the carts from wherever they are housed on a property owner’s rear or side yard, service the carts and then return the carts back to their original screened location. 

Per Carmel’s Municipal Code Section 8.16.110, receptacles for all solid waste collection services shall be placed in the side or rear yard for collection prior to the scheduled time for collection. Except when authorized by the City Administrator upon a showing of reasonable necessity, no person shall leave any residential receptacle or receptacles at the street curb or in any other place on City-owned property or private property visible from the street. Commercial receptacles shall not be stored on any public right-of-way or property, and shall be screened from public view, except on the day of pickup, and shall be returned to their stored location within two hours of pickup. The benefit of this service means that carts are not left on the streets for a prolonged amount of time and the timely removal of carts contributes to an attractive, clean and safe environment.

With Green Waste Recovery, even more items can be put in the blue recycle cart including plastic shrink wrap and CDS and DVDs.  The Single Family Recycle Guide and the Multi-Family Recycle Guide for apartments, condominiums and town houses provide a list of recyclable items. Visit Protect Your Central Coast to learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle in your home or business.

There are however certain items that cannot be put in the trash, recycle or yard waste carts such as electronic wastehousehold hazardous waste like paint and cleaning products, and unused medications. These items can be taken to the Monterey Regional Waste Management District for proper disposal.

The City is a member of the Monterey Regional Waste Management Districtthat manages solid waste from the Monterey Peninsula region by operating the Monterey Peninsula landfill located in Marina, managing reuse programs like the Last Chance Mercantile  and other successful waste diversion programs related to recyclingcomposting and construction and demolition recycling.

To report a litter problem, please contact Keep Monterey County Clean.

Commercial businesses should visit the City’s business services page for additional information.