Forest & Beach

Scenic Path, Carmel Beach


The Department of Forest and Beach is responsible for the maintenance of and improvements to the urban forest, all City parks, and the Carmel beach. Three employees take care of all arboricultural needs of the over 13,000 trees growing on public property. The majority of their time is spent pruning, planting, watering, treating insects, and removing dead trees. Keeping the urban forest healthy and safe is the Department's primary goal.

The Gardeners and Maintenance Workers are responsible for all other landscaping in the City, including parks, medians, and the Beach Walkway. The Department provides staff support to the Forest and Beach Commission related to matters before it for consideration.


For further information about the beach and the beach rules please contact the Public Works Department (831) 620-2070.

1. Beach fires of any kind, including wood-burning fires, grills, or propane devices etc., are not permitted on Carmel beach Friday through Sundays, and State or National holidays.

2. Beach fires created Monday through Thursday must be south of 10th avenue and 100 feet from the bluffs or retaining walls.

3. Beach fires cannot be larger than 3 x 3 x 3 and should not contain trash or sharp objects.

4. Beach fires should be extinguished with water only leaving the coals visible to pedestrians.

5. Smoking is not permitted on the beach or scenic pathway.

6. Alcohol is allowed only on the beach. No alcohol is permitted on the roadway or pathway.

7. Temporary structures such as tents, canopies or other similar enclosures are not allowed.

8. Pack out any garbage or recyclables and any other materials brought to the beach to keep the area litter free.

9. Use stairways and or designated pathways for accessing the beach. It is not permitted to use the beach bluffs for access to the beach or to throw items such as firewood, chairs, barbecues, etc. down the beach bluffs.

10. Parking is allowed without charge along Scenic Road until midnight.

11. Contact the Community Activities Department (831) 620-2020 for information about Special Events on the beach. Special Events on the beach made up of more than fifty (50) [Policy C95-06], that include catered food, require the support of any commercial enterprise, require any type of city staff support (personnel or equipment), OR require use of a generator must get a Special Event Permit and provide the City with and Insurance Certificate of Liability. Sixty (60) day notice is required.