Beach Rules

Carmel Beach



The City of Carmel-by-the-Sea has established beach fire rules to help improve the experience of all the beach users and protect the environment.

  1. The daily hours for wood-fueled and propane device beach fires are between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m.

  2. No reservations are required to use the fire pits.

  3. Sharing of the fire pits is highly encouraged.

  4. Parking is allowed without charge along Scenic Road and at Del Mar parking lot until midnight.

  5. Stairways and/or designated pathways must be used for accessing the beach. It is not permitted to pass over beach bluffs for access to the beach.

  6. Wood fueled-fires are allowed ONLY in the fire pits supplied by the City.

  7. Propane-fueled fires are allowed at least 25 feet from the base of the bluff or dunes, from 8th Avenue south toward Martin Way.

  8. Do not burn driftwood.

  9. Charcoal-fueled (briquettes) fires are not allowed.

  10. Do not use water or sand to extinguish a fire in a fire pit. Let it burn itself out.

  11. Temporary structures such as tents, canopies or similar enclosures are not allowed.

  12. Smoking is not permitted on the beach or scenic pathway.

  13. Consumption of alcohol is allowed ONLY on the beach and is not permitted on the roadway or pathway.

  14. Dogs on the beach must be on a leash or under voice command. Dogs must be on a leash on the Scenic Pathway. Please clean up after your dog.

  15. All garbage and recyclables must be taken to the trash carts at the top of the staircases along the pathway or at Del Mar parking lot to keep the beach litter free.

If you are planning an event on the beach contact the Community Activities Department at (831) 620-2020 to find out what type of event permit you will need.