Compstat Program

Carmel Police Department Mission

The mission of the Carmel Police Department is to protect and serve, with the primary responsibility of ensuring the rights of citizens and visitors to live in peace and safety.

WHAT IS COMSTAT? (Download the COMSTAT Brochure)

CompStat is an abbreviation for Computer Statistics. CompStat originated in the New York Police Department in 1994. The original plan was to modify conventional community policing ideology to better utilize resources, improve communication with the community and, as a result, lower crime rates and improve quality of life for the residents. The CompStat model has been adopted by many police agencies around the United States. Although it may be modified by each department to meet needs, the concept of reducing crime and improving quality of life remains the key focal point of the program.


Carmel has been divided into four sectors -- SW, SE, NW, and NE. The sectors are divided using Ocean Avenue to divide the North and South sectors and San Carlos Avenue to divide the East and West sectors.  Send an email to your Compstat group by clicking on the appropriate section.

  • Department personnel are divided into one of the four sectors to form each team.
  • Each team is overseen by a Sergeant with the overall program overseen by a Commander.
  • Citizens, visitors, and business owners are encouraged to contact the police department regarding their concerns. The Police Department is dedicated to helping provide solutions to issues that affect you. You may contact us by calling the department, mailing or e-mailing your sector leader, or stopping by the Police Department to discuss your concerns.
  • Remember: above all, the Carmel Police Department is ready to provide the safest environment possible for our entire community.


We are fortunate to be living in an area with a lower crime rate than many other cities. Carmel CompStat will focus not only on lowering existing crime, but also on improving quality of life issues within the community. This can be achieved by police officers and the community working together to combat problems within our city. By utilizing information provided by citizens, the Police Department can work to improve life for all of us in Carmel -- residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

The Police Department is here to serve the community and we want to make ourselves available to you. 


The goal of CompStat is to develop a two-way communication between the police and the people we serve. The result of this communication will lead to lower crime rates and improved customer satisfaction. The Police Department also will provide educational training for businesses and citizens of Carmel by-the-Sea.