Elected Officials

Carmel-by-the-Sea City Council

The City Council is composed of four Council Members and the Mayor, all of whom are directly elected by the people. The Mayor serves a two-year term and the Council Members serve four-year overlapping terms. Although not granted special decision-making powers, the Mayor does represent the City in all ceremonial and official affairs. The City's Municipal elections are held the second Tuesday of April in each even-numbered year.

The purpose of the City Council is to establish local laws, to set policy, to reject or to approve programs, to allocate funds, to establish the City's tax rate, to represent the public in supervising the operations of City government, and to provide to the citizenry a better, more attractive and healthier place in which to live. As Carmel-by-the-Sea is a General Law City, its Council must act within the framework of limitations and procedures established by State Law.

Local laws are established by ordinance and are compiled in a book called the Municipal Code. These laws are enforceable by the City, and violations thereof constitute an infraction. Other directives and policies of the City Council are recorded in Council resolutions and Council minutes.