Doing Business with the City

How the City buys something, and which departments you should contact, depend on what kinds of services or products you sell.

1. Products and General Services
Contracts for products and general services (which include janitorial, security guard, pest control) are generally awarded by Purchasing based on competitive bidding. Also, departments can place their own orders for many products up to $5,000. To get started, your firm should be in our vendor file. To do that, please click on "Contact Us" send us an e-mail asking for the vendor profile package.

2. Construction
Several City departments award contracts for construction, and they base their awards on competitive bidding.

3. Architects and Engineers
The departments listed under "Construction" above also award contracts to architects and engineers, usually based on a Request-for-Proposal process.

4. Professional Services
Although Purchasing awards contracts for professional services, the vendor selection decision is made by the City department which receives the service. The selection decision is usually made by a Request-for-Proposal process.